PRODUCTS - Gastrointestinal series- Rapid detection of Helicobacter pylori antibody (HP AB) kit

Rapid detection of Helicobacter pylori antibody (HP AB) kit

The main detection reagents for Helicobacter pylori include:
1、 Gold labeled urease rapid detection test paper (agent). Detect antigens or antibodies. Antigen samples were stool, and antibody samples were blood, serum, and fingertip blood. It is characterized by convenience, rapidity, and results can be obtained in 8 minutes without any restrictions. It is the mainstream detection method.
2、 Breath test carbon 13 detection reagent. The test must be carried out on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal. The patient has not taken antibiotics, bismuth preparations, proton pump inhibitors and other HP sensitive drugs in the past month, otherwise the test results will be false negative. Mass spectrometer is required, and reagents are expensive and time-consuming.
3、 Breath test carbon 14 detection reagent. Carbon 14 is an unstable isotope with radioactivity and a half-life of 5769 years. It is mostly used for archaeological dating.
(1) Check that you have a less dregs diet for dinner the day before and have a good rest in the evening.
(2) fasting (no breakfast, no water, no medicine) and no smoking on the day of inspection.
(3) pharyngeal anesthesia (gastroscope glue) was performed 5-15 minutes before the examination to reduce discomfort.
(4) don't be nervous during the examination, cooperate closely with the doctor, follow the instructions of the medical staff during the examination, breathe slowly and deeply, so as to reduce the discomfort reaction and the examination time.
(5) after the inspection, keep quiet for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
(6) fast for 30 minutes after the inspection.
(7) after swallowing action recovers freely for 2 hours, eat again to prevent food from being inhaled into the lungs.
(8) fast irritant food on the day of biopsy.


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