PRODUCTS - Gastrointestinal series- Rotavirus antigen rapid detection kit (RV)

Rotavirus antigen rapid detection kit (RV)

Rapid detection of rotavirus antigen is a lateral flow chromatography immunoassay. This test strip includes:
1) purple red conjugated pad containing monoclonal antibody, anti rotavirus antibody conjugated with
colloidal gold and control antibody conjugated with colloidal gold;
2) Nitrocellulose membrane strip, including test line (t line) and control line (C line). The T-line was pre coated with another monoclonal anti rotavirus antibody, and the c-line was pre coated with the control line antibody.

When a sufficient volume of extracted sample is distributed into the sample well, in the test box, the sample migrates in the box through capillary action. If the rotavirus antigen is present in the sample, it will bind to the anti rotavirus conjugate. The immune complex was then captured by the precoated rotavirus on the membrane and the antibody formed a purple red T-line, indicating that the rotavirus test result was positive. The absence of the T-line indicates that the concentration of rotavirus Ag in the sample is below the detectable level, indicating a negative rotavirus result. The test content includes internal control (c-line), and a purple red line should be displayed to control the immune complex of the antibody, regardless of the color development on it. Otherwise, the test result is invalid and another device must be used.


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