PRODUCTS - Gastrointestinal series- Fecal occult blood rapid detection kit

Fecal occult blood rapid detection kit

Fecal occult blood test has important value in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding, and is now often used as a screening index for the early diagnosis of gastrointestinal malignant tumors. The physiological blood loss of gastrointestinal tract in normal people is about 0.6ml in 24h, and it is generally difficult to detect with high-sensitivity chemical occult blood test (which can detect more than 1ml of gastrointestinal bleeding); Sometimes false positives may occur with immunological methods with higher sensitivity and specificity, so it is worth noting. Positive: intermittent positive in peptic ulcer bleeding; Gastrointestinal cancer is persistently positive, so it can be used as a differential diagnosis of benign and malignant bleeding. The positive results were also found in intestinal tuberculosis, ulcerative colitis, colon polyps, hookworm disease, renal hemorrhage syndrome, etc.


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