PRODUCTS - Secondary antibody series- Goat anti chicken (IgY)

Goat anti chicken (IgY)

Immunoglobulin y is an antibody produced by birds. It is commonly associated with mammalian IgG. However, compared with mammalian IgG, IgY has different characteristics. For example, IgY does not bind to mammalian complement or rheumatoid factor, which exist in mammalian serum and anti mammalian IgG antibodies. IgG antibodies usually cross react with IgG from different mammalian species, while they show lower cross reactivity to IgY. These properties of IgY are of great benefit when it is used as a biochemical / clinical reagent. Immunoglobulin y in chicken serum can cross the ovarian follicle epithelium and aggregate into the yolk during folliculogenesis. Structurally, IgY and mammalian IgG differ in their heavy chains, with molecular weights of 68000 and 50000 daltons, respectively. The stability of mammalian IgG is slightly higher than that of IgY.

CF ™  488A is a green fluorescent dye that can excite argon laser lines at a wavelength of 488nm. CF ™  488A has a very small charge, so it can reduce the nonspecific binding of antibody conjugates.

CF ™  488A is a highly water-soluble, pH insensitive dye with a molecular weight of about 710. This dye has the maximum absorption / emission performance at 490 / 515nm, and has high photostability.


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