PRODUCTS - Toxic testing series- Methamphetamine(MET)


The main ingredient is methamphetamine, which is a kind of odorless or slightly bitter transparent crystal. The pure product is very similar to rock sugar and ice, so it is commonly known as methamphetamine. Drug addicts and drug traffickers also call it "ice".

There are capsules, powders, small pieces and other forms, which can be aspirated, nasal inhaled, orally or injected. When the human body ingests a small dose of the drug, it has short-term positive effects such as excitation and anti fatigue, and its effect in the human body is fast and strong, so its pill was once known as "Dali pill". After high-dose medication, there will be mental excitement, hypersexuality, reduced requirements for food and sleep, often leading to agitation and violence. Long term smoking can produce strong dependence. Once drug withdrawal, withdrawal symptoms will appear. However, compared with traditional drugs such as heroin, its withdrawal symptoms are not very strong.

Methamphetamine, as an official drug, appeared in the 1970s and entered China in the 1990s. It is considered to be the representative of new drugs. Nowadays, there is a relative lack of awareness of its addiction mechanism and treatment means are also very limited. However, its harm is no less than that of traditional drugs. Statistics of the United Nations drug control agency show that the number of METH addicts has ranked second in the world.


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