PRODUCTS - Myocardial Tumor Series- Alpha Fetoprotein(AFP)

Alpha Fetoprotein(AFP)

Alpha fetoprotein, as a specific tumor marker of liver cancer, can be significantly increased in the blood of patients with primary liver cancer, even up to ten thousand times the normal value. Detection of the content of alpha fetoprotein in the blood combined with liver B-ultrasound examination can be used as an important means of liver cancer screening. However, the content of alpha fetoprotein in the blood of patients with benign diseases such as acute hepatitis, gonadal tumor and teratoma may also be increased. Elevated carcinoembryonic antigen in blood is commonly seen in patients with digestive tract tumors, and elevated CEA can also occur in non digestive tract patients such as lung cancer and breast cancer. CEA is a non-specific tumor marker, and its normal or elevated level cannot determine the absence or presence of tumor. The clinical significance of detection mainly lies in the dynamic observation of serum CEA level, which has a great guiding role in the evaluation of tumor treatment effect.


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