PRODUCTS - Hormone series- Anti Muller test tube hormone(AMH)

Anti Muller test tube hormone(AMH)

In the embryonic development stage, AMH can regulate the differentiation and development of the genital tract and is essential for sex differentiation; After birth, AMH can regulate the function of male Leydig cells; In adult women, AMH inhibits the recruitment of primordial follicles and the development of antral follicles, preventing premature follicle depletion. Compared with other traditional biological indicators, AMH has many obvious advantages in evaluating ovarian reserve and is the most accurate biomarker of ovarian aging. AMH reflects the decreasing trend of ovarian reserve with age earlier than FSH, estradiol (E2), inhibin B (inhb) and antra1 follicle count (AFC), and its level is not affected by menstrual cycle, hormonal contraceptives and pregnancy. Although some studies have shown that women, especially young women, have certain fluctuations in AMH during the menstrual cycle, its fluctuations are much smaller than other sex hormones, so the existing guidelines mostly support the detection of AMH at any time of the menstrual cycle. In his study, Professor fanchin compared the repeatability of AMH and other ovarian reserve markers between different menstrual cycles. AMH is a hormone that meets the intra group correlation coefficient greater than 0.8, indicating that the variation of AMH between menstrual cycles is also small.

Therefore, AMH is the most reliable, stable and convenient indicator of ovarian reserve function.


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