PRODUCTS - Inflammatory series- C-reactive protein(CRP)

C-reactive protein(CRP)

C-reactive protein refers to some proteins (acute proteins) that rise sharply in plasma when the body is infected or damaged by tissue. CRP can activate complement and strengthen phagocytosis of phagocytes to play an opsonization role, so as to remove pathogenic microorganisms and damaged, necrotic and apoptotic tissue cells that invade the body, and play an important protective role in the natural immune process of the body.

CRP is not only a non-specific inflammatory marker, but also directly involved in cardiovascular diseases such as inflammation and atherosclerosis, and is the most powerful predictor and risk factor of cardiovascular diseases. The interaction of CRP with complement C1q and FCTR makes it exhibit many biological activities, including host defense response to infection, phagocytosis and regulation of inflammatory response.

The combination with damaged cells, apoptotic cells and nuclear antigens makes it also play an important role in autoimmune diseasesThe detection method depends on the laboratory conditions and the requirements for sensitivity and specificity. Immunodiffusion, radioimmunoassay, turbidimetry, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay are of practical value.Normal value: 800-8000 μ G/l (immunodiffusion or turbidimetric method)


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