PRODUCTS - Respiratory series- Respiratory adenovirus(ADV)

Respiratory adenovirus(ADV)

Adenovirus often spreads in closed and crowded environments,such as schools,kindergartens,summer camps,swimming pools,and new barracks. Adenovirus infected persons and recessive infected persons are the main sources of infection. The common incubation period is 3-8d,and the infection is the strongest from the end of the incubation period to the acute stage of the disease. It is mainly spread by droplets,and then it can be spread by touching objects or surfaces contaminated by adenovirus,touching mouth,nose or eyes without washing hands,or by faecal oral route.

Adenovirus pneumonia usually occurs in children aged 6 months to 5 years,especially in children under 2 years old; Patients with chronic basic diseases and impaired immune function are more likely to develop severe diseases.


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